In each unit the engineering design process is used to introduce students to the phases an engineer will go through when solving a problem. The individual slider and poster should be created to guide the students through the process.

How to Create the Poster
  1. Download the high-quality PictureSTEM Slider Poster and the paper clip images from this page.
  2. Print the poster and paper clip on poster sized paper and cut to size. High-gloss or semi-gloss paper is the best choice.
  3. Use self-sticking Velcro on the back of the paper clip and down the side of the poster so that the paper clip can be placed to point at all 6 sections of the slider.
How to Create Individual Sliders
  1. Download the high-quality PictureSTEM Individual Slider image from this page – enough for one slider per student in your class.
  2. Cut the sliders apart.
  3. Laminate the sliders individually.

PictureSTEM Slider Poster

PictureSTEM Individual Slider